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Back On The Road!!

Back On The Road!!

Friday, February 01, 2019


Frieda Flamingo

  1. Wyatt's Year End Transition to New Race Season
    15 Feb, 2019
    Wyatt's Year End Transition to New Race Season
    Wyatt’s bike of choice is a 2018 Sherco 300 SEF Six Days. The Sherco 300 4T is a very sought-after dirt bike. As the year ends and race season right around the corner, the prep work for 2019 begins! The bike is fifthly. Strip it completely down. Clean each and every single part as it is removed. Inspect the bearings. All good, grease them up! Torque all suspension bolts. Apply Loctite and antiseize where needed. Wyatt has a hobby that allows him to do extra customizing to the metal parts of
  2. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Mixin' Gas & Haulin' A..
    13 Feb, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Mixin' Gas & Haulin' A..
    Chances are if you own a two stroke dirt bike, you have to mix gas. There are a few modern age bikes that come with oil injection such as 2015+ Beta Xtrainer 300 and 2017+ Beta 250/300 RR. The oil in the gas acts as a lubricant and burns off with fuel as you ride. This seals the piston and is critical. If you remove the lubricants from the gas, the viscosity of the mixture becomes lighter and more prone to vaporization. With a lean mixture there is less oil to seal the rings. The sealing of the
  3. Sumter National Enduro 2019
    07 Feb, 2019
    Sumter National Enduro 2019
    Stoked for race season to finally be upon us! The last time I raced was 12 weeks ago. I spent my “off season” riding as much as I could and hitting up the gym. Believe me….I had a major itch to race. Pretty much the entire month of January was crap weather and a major snow storm. Riding was very minimal which made me nervous for round 1 of NEPG. No complaints on the conditions in South Carolina. A pleasant temperature of 60 degrees and sunny skies left me with a sunburn and a smile on my face
  4. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Bike Setup - Handlebars
    06 Feb, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Bike Setup - Handlebars
    Man, so many choices for handlebars! This is a personal preference item for sure but there is many things to consider. Height A handlebar's height is the measurement from the clamp area to the top of the control length or end of the handle part of the bar. The height of the handlebar can be adjusted by loosening the bar at the clamp area and adjusting forward or backward to your preference. Rise The rise measures the length from the clamp area to the handlebar's first steep bend. To lengthen
  5. Huckle-Beta 125
    05 Feb, 2019
    Huckle-Beta 125
    2019 NEPG Beta Cup contender Huck Jenkins tells about how his weekend on the road and round 1 in South Carolina went.   "Well for my second NEPG ever I think this weekend was a success. The Bonecutter crew-Steve, Tayler and I, left the end of my driveway at 6:30am. That’s early for me, but nothing like when Tayler and Steve left their place. They left at 4am. Yuck! We then headed down south, long drive. Traveling with the Bonecutter's is not at all like traveling with the Jenkins family.
  6. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Installing Graphics
    30 Jan, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Installing Graphics
    One of the easiest things a person can do to their bike to make it stand out from the rest is buy custom graphics. Easy & reserved or extravagant with a flare, a fresh set of decals is a fun way to show style. This is my least favorite job to do and for some reason takes hours for me to complete. When it comes to graphic time, for me choosing colors is the hardest part! Should I do red, white, and blue or neon yellow and red or maybe gray and blue. The possibilities are endless!! Once the
  7. Gearing up for Race Season: Part 2
    29 Jan, 2019
    Gearing up for Race Season: Part 2
    Now that the bike is ready to go, are you? Sometimes making a check list help prevents forgetting important items like your gear and FOOD! If you forget the food, there most likely is a store along the way just don’t forget to stop. Forgetting gear is a little more difficult to make up for. Especially, when your 1,000 miles away from home. The first race of the year is always tough getting ready for. If you are like me, you have gear scattered between two vans, the garage at home, the house,
  8. Gearing up for Race Season: Part 1
    24 Jan, 2019
    Gearing up for Race Season: Part 1
    Under two weeks left until the first race of the year and it might be time to start inspecting the race bike. Either you have rode the bike all winter or you parked it after the last race. Sometimes things needing attention can be forgotten and that is exactly why the dirt bike should be looked over a few weeks prior to the first race. It ensures you have time to go to your local dirt bike shop for parts and maybe even get them installed. For me, I spent most of the winter on my 2018 Beta 250.
  9. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Repacking Silencers
    23 Jan, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Repacking Silencers
    Ever have someone ride by and their bike is super loud, like so loud you cover your ears? Chances are their silencer needs to be repacked. The exhaust packing from the bike’s engine exits the pipe in waves and travels through the silencer. Packing around the core lets the silencer control the waves as they leave the bike and also keeps sound levels down. It is obviously when a person’s silencer packing is no longer good. Unburned mixed gas leaving the cylinder or excessive heat wears on the