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Wrench Tip Wednesday: Air Filter Installation

Wrench Tip Wednesday: Air Filter Installation

Wednesday, October 03, 2018


Tayler Bonecutter

  1. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Repacking Silencers
    23 Jan, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Repacking Silencers
    Ever have someone ride by and their bike is super loud, like so loud you cover your ears? Chances are their silencer needs to be repacked. The exhaust packing from the bike’s engine exits the pipe in waves and travels through the silencer. Packing around the core lets the silencer control the waves as they leave the bike and also keeps sound levels down. It is obviously when a person’s silencer packing is no longer good. Unburned mixed gas leaving the cylinder or excessive heat wears on the
  2. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Grips
    16 Jan, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Grips
    Grips are a wear item that should be replaced as needed. If you are gripping the bike more with your legs and less with your hands, the handlebar grips should last for what seems like forever! First off, choose what type of grip you want. I use to have a problem with twisting grips. They could be glued and wired on and it I would still twist them! A few years ago, I finally decided to try lock on grips, I no longer twist grips. I use ODI EMIG lock on, they are a little harder than most grips
  3. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Installing Seat Covers
    09 Jan, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Installing Seat Covers
    Did you know that getting rid of the stock seat cover with something rad automatically makes you faster? Haha kidding but it sure does make your bike look cool! I absolutely hate installing seat covers, no patience for that. First off, the old seat cover needs to be removed. Sometimes, getting the staples out can be a chore. I discovered the combo of a flathead screwdriver and needle nose pliers will do the trick. Once all stables are removed and old cover is off, turn the seat right-side up.
  4. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Chains
    02 Jan, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Chains
    Chain and sprockets are easy to forget about but need to be near the top of the list for maintenance checks, like before every ride. Having a chain too loose, too tight, or wore out could be bad. When the chain is too loose it can wear out the chain slide prematurely or derail. A derailed chain can be super annoying and will delay the ride. A chain that is too tight can snap. When a chain breaks, it can damage the bike or even hit the rider in the back. Bet that will hurt. Majority of the time,
  5. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Muddy Gear
    26 Dec, 2018
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Muddy Gear
    Winter and spring months can be soupy. The sloppy mud conditions can either be embraced with a smile or sitting at home sad. I choose a smile! So, what does a person do when their gear is no longer vibrant colors but instead is a nasty brown? Here are the options: 1.      Throw the gear away and buy a new set – this can get costly pretty quick and is wasteful. 2.     Show up to next race with gear already muddy. Psyche everyone else out about the conditions of the track. 3.     I strongly DO
  6. Fun For A Minute
    21 Dec, 2018
    Fun For A Minute
    The weather was amazing this week.  I begged & begged Tayler to take me riding.  I had to agree to clean her room before she caved and said she would take me.  I didn't care, its been a LONG time and I wanted to ride.       She went and got her bike, then picked me up at the house. Wyatt's dog thinks I am a chew toy, so I can't walk to the shop with Tayler. I hopped on & off we went, with that crazy dog beside us. Oh my gosh it was so nice feeling the wind in my face again.  Tayler was
  7. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Throttle Sticking
    19 Dec, 2018
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Throttle Sticking
    One of the scariest “oh sh!t” moments to happen on the bike is the throttle to stick wide open. It is extremely easy to panic in that kind of situation but let’s talk about why it could happen. The throttle cable could be damaged or frayed. So, this needs to be on your list of items to inspect every time maintenance is done. Double check how the cable is routed and what it is next to. Sometimes the cable can get pinched between other things on a bike and it can be caused by a simple wreck.
  8. Tayler's Travels of 2018
    18 Dec, 2018
    Tayler's Travels of 2018
    The 2018 race season was spent putting lots of miles on the road along with hours on the dirt bikes. It has been absolutely crazy but I have traveled to lots of neat places, riding/racing in 14 different states. My Dad and I chased all of the National Enduro Series (NEPG). I finished for the year 3rd in Women’s Elite and my dad finished 2nd in A+50. It was a rough start to the season but I am finally getting the hang of the enduro format. My favorite round was Dragons Back in Arrington, VA.
  9. Christmas Has Begun
    14 Dec, 2018
    Christmas Has Begun
    Christmas has officially started for me this week.  My buddy, Harley, took me with her last night.  We ate at Applebee's.  Or should I say we finally got to eat at Applebee's.  They kept  telling Harley and her friends there were no pets allowed.  HELLO!!!!  I am NOT a pet.  What is wrong with people???  Anyway, once I got in the door with them, the food was good.  I had the Bourbon Street Shrimp and it was amazing. After we ate, we drove by and looked at the lighting of the Governor's