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Wrench Tip Wednesday: Flushing the Cooling System

Wrench Tip Wednesday: Flushing the Cooling System

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Tayler Bonecutter

  1. Wrench Tip Wednesday: O-Ring or Standard Chain
    22 May, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: O-Ring or Standard Chain
    The more you ride dirt bikes, the more you learn about how many different options there is out there. Lots of choices and for a newbie can certainly be overwhelming. When it comes to chains, there is two styles and tons of different brands available. So, the question is which one is better? Manufacturers construct both chains quite similarly however you can tell the difference pretty quickly. The o-ring chain looks beefier and feels quite a bit heavier. On visual durability the o-ring chain
  2. MORE Thayer Extreme
    20 May, 2019
    MORE Thayer Extreme
    Round 1 of the MORE series kicked off this past weekend at a new venue, Thayer Extreme in Couch, MO! Really far south and near the border of Arkansas. The initial thought was loads of rocks and massive hills but really not sure what to expect. The property has an “old school” moto track and recon stated we would be using it. Saturday the track and field areas were dusty, but in the woods, the perfect amount of moisture was present. I took two practice laps. The first one I felt great but
  3. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Breaking the Dirt Bike in
    15 May, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Breaking the Dirt Bike in
    The feeling of a new dirt bike never gets old! It is so shiny, clean, no scratches or dents; the definition of perfection. The urge to go out and ride it is strong. For me, I hate bearing the thought of running a brand stinking new bike through mud or boulders and will do whatever it takes to prevent from laying the bike over. There is a proper way to break in a brand spanking new dirt bike. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this but we (Bonecutter Off Road) recommend doing some type of
  4. Odes Dominator X4 LT Zeus 1000
    14 May, 2019
    Odes Dominator X4 LT Zeus 1000
    One model that we are getting in, in the coming days is the Dominator X4 LT Zeus. Let me just tell ya, this thing is decked out and bad a$$!!! With a MSRP of $17,195 and a killer 5-year standard limited warranty! Some key features of this UTV that come from the factory are a full windshield and full roof with an option to add windshield wipers for a little more. A 32” LED light bar to make the dark look like day. It has long travel, Vi-Lock Suspension, 15” wheel and 29” tires. Get extra warmth
  5. What is Odes?
    10 May, 2019
    What is Odes?
    Odes is privately American owned and operated. The company designs and sells ATV’s and UTV’s in Texas offering 19 models with key components being made in the USA! The brand takes pride in their logo. What does the date 12-15-1791 stand for? On that date, Virginia became the decided state to ratify the Constitutional Amendment’s and Bill of Rights so it could become law. Support the right and the date. The entire line up of Odes All Terrain and Utility Vehicles come with a 2 – 5 year standard
  6. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Accessorizing a Dirt Bike
    08 May, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Accessorizing a Dirt Bike
    One of the best parts of a new bike is getting to make it your own! Whether it is adjusting the levers or putting the “must have” accessories on to enhance your riding experience or protecting the precious bike. Everyone has their own list but mine looks like; Fasst CO Flexx Bars and Impact Moto Pegs, ARC folding levers, Oversized tank, a better than OEM skid plate such as TM Designworks, BRP Chain block (OEM ones are pretty thin), Samco hose kit, Enduro Engineering hand guards, a rear disc
  7. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Don't Forget the Fork Fluid
    01 May, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Don't Forget the Fork Fluid
    When something is not leaking it is easy to forget or disregard it. Changing the fork fluid should be on your list of things to do. Fork oil/fluid is like engine oil, it does wear out and needs replaced, even if nothing is leaking. If fork seals are leaking, get that taken care of as soon as possible. Always follow the manufactures recommendations. Beta says with their Sachs forks, every 30 hours the fluid should be changed and would not hurt to do the fork bushings as well. A good rule of
  8. Cajun Classic National Enduro
    30 Apr, 2019
    Cajun Classic National Enduro
    Round 3 of the NEPG took place in Forest Hill, LA. I have never been there before but had heard it was mostly dirt with some sand washes. The rain was on the light side the week before and made conditions near perfect. The temperatures were on the hot side compared to what it is in Mid Missouri still. We had a transfer to get to the first test. On the side of the trail was a bear growling at oncoming racers!! When you are on a bike, things look different and it was believable for a split
  9. Wrench Tip Wednesday: Tire Selection
    24 Apr, 2019
    Wrench Tip Wednesday: Tire Selection
    Choosing a tire may be one of the toughest things to do in the dirt bike world. There are so many factors that go into it. What terrain are you riding? What is your bikes’ main purpose? Soft, gummy, hard? Knobby or trials? Previous personal preference? What about size? Tire choice can make or break your day as it’s a big factor on whether you will be enjoying the ride. Dual sport bikes are used for both off road and street riding. The tire must be DOT approved. Lots of different brands and